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Sculpture House

    An innovative and collaborative experience that involes the re-construction of an entire house using art as the foundation for the creative process, while at the same time nuturing  holistic healing and personal growth. The project  also focuses on using recycled/used materials and bartering as an alternative approach to building and living.

   Since the project’s conception its fundamental goal was to create a  postive working environment that promotes  growth and develpment for all those that participate.  The idea began in response to a personal experience with my father who had recently suffered from a stroke and had lost his ability to comunicate and all working knowledge of past building skills. The idea was to immerse him on  a project  that would help to stimualte his brain  by exposeing him to what he most like to do, which was construction.  My intention was to make the experience work like a  therapy for him: making him feel motivated, engaged and useful. This intention also attracted other people from diverse background into the project, a youth offender from a city program was my apprentice for a year and half, a local contractor struggling with addiction and looking to build his self-esteem and feel purposeful again  is still working,  and many others that have been part of the bartering process..  

   Sculpture House has been a work in progress since July 2010 and has already influenced the lives of those who have visited and participated in the experience. Over the past 21 months my home has become kind of a laboratory, experimenting and creating with available resources, bartering for materials and services, teaching, mentoring and open to any one that is interested in collaborating. The project has tremendous potential to transform lives, to influence others and to make us more conscious about the way we live. Its driving force is positive creative energy and a sense of community. 

   In today's consumer based society "Sculpture House "addresses a present need to change and offers practical solutions in confronting complex social and individual issues. The project is simple yet profound,  it uses basic concepets  such as work what is available, mentoring,  be creative /resourceful,   barter for services and material, integrate others into the process, and nuture self esteem through out the experience. The most profound experiences have to lived.

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