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The Open Kitchen Sculpture Garden, is a visionary project that encompasses a diverse set of goals in order to address a wide range of issues that face this neighborhood. The intent is to engage and connect with resources that already exist and provide a creative artistic outlet so that community members can participate in their own transformation. The project is grounded on the simple and down to earth concept of exchange and sharing. It uses a fundamental need such as food as a means to initiate a collective and communal experience based on producing, preparing and consuming food. The theme of food is highly relevant to the times.  Food is a persistent concern, but it has become more pronounced in light of recent economic trends and the more recent reduction in government food subsidies. Food is not only an essential need, but it also provides for endless possibilities to engage people, breakdown social boundaries and build stronger communities.

The project will take place on the 2200 block of Philip Street on vacant land presently owned by Norris Square neighborhood Project. Partnering with community leaders such as Iris Brown, Tomasita  and Norris Square will facilitate the revitalization of the area as a whole.
My intention is to create a unique, self-sustaining gathering space that promotes art, unity, healthy nutrition, community involvement, and an overall sense of well-being. The central focus of the project will be the construction of a rustic circular kitchen that will serve as a multi-purpose space to prepare, educate and share food and experiences. The whole construction and layout of the space would be used to integrate art as a means of supporting and enhancing the project. Sculptures would be created with community members that have a multi-purpose function to make the space unique and distinct. The project is meant to be long-term and will be organic in structure and process; it is meant to grow and develop according to the human resources available and the financial and in-kind support received. Eventually, people in fields such as water conservation, solar energy, horticulture, bee keeping, and cob building would be invited to share experiences, talents to make the project grow.


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